About Us

I’m David Shane. Welcome to my site!

I come from a simple family in Texas. My father was an accountant in a local firm, and my mother was a school teacher. I finished my school there. At home I always watched my father working to calculators, and that’s how I developed the fascination and love for numbers. I went to pursue my bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Texas. I did MBA from the same institution. After that, I joined an investment company and worked there for five years.

While working there, I started studying about the forex market and started trading.  To my surprise, I realized some early success was able to make good money even with a small account”
I later decided to quit my full-time job and concentrate on the forex trading full time. I read as many books as I could, read and listen to interviews of people who were successful in this market and attended a training course. Within only two years I saw huge success, and I was making more money than in my full time job. There was no looking back after that.
This blog is to help those who are interested in making money from forex and commodities trading.  You will find lots of tips, stories, resources, interviews, and lot more.